Scalability Redefined

No matter the size of your lighting needs, the Toggled iQ platform remains constant. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) model offers users both customization and the ability to scale up or down without new costs or time investment.

Feature Free Core Pro Description
User Limit 1 10 None
Access Levels 1 2 Unlimited
Commissioning Access to deploy toggled iQ systems
Local Control IoT app control
Local Scheduling (Devices) Schedule devices individually or as groups from iOS device
Cloud-Based Capabilities (Gateway)
Remote Access Cloud-based access (gateway)
Cloud Scheduling Coordinated multi-site scheduling
Advanced Rules More comprehensive if/then statements. Email alerts/alarms
Energy Monitoring Monitor kwh output
Energy Management Peak lighting load management
Multi-Site Control Portfolio management
Analytics Reporting
Space Utilization Identify patters of usage for spaces and highlight underutilized areas of buildings
3rd Party Device Support Integrate different types of devices/protocols

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Designed to Retrofit

Keep your fluorescent fixtures.

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Futureproof Your Space

Smart lighting now, building management next.

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iQ vs Wired Systems

Compare side by side

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Old Buildings Love iQ

Get a completely non-invasive installation.

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Real Time Data Collection

Powerful data analytics dashboards.

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Make Changes Instantly

What used to take days, now happens in a swipe.

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Give Personal Control

Enable employee control of lights.

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Optimize Maintenance

Predict issues before they happen.

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User Friendly. Really.

Toggled iQ software makes control intuitive.

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Smart From the Start

Born from Toggled and Altair.

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Peak Demand Managed

Get the best possible energy costs.

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