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Toggled iQ Announces Listing on The DLC

Toggled iQ is the latest advancement from Toggled, a leading patent holder in direct-wire LED lighting. Leveraging the design and engineering strength of parent company Altair, Toggled was formed in 2007 and then rapidly grew to have national commercial and consumer distribution through various partnerships, including The Home Depot.

Our expertise in lighting technology coupled with a deep understanding of the entire value chain of IoT results in a truly intelligent smart lighting solution.

Toggled iQ Features

gear icon
User-friendly Setup
icon of mobile phone
Simple Connection
icon of house
Room scene creation
icon of lights dimming
icon of motion scensors
Motion Control
icon of sun behind cloud
Daylight Harvesting
icon of toggle switches
Color tuning

Toggled iQ extends to additional IoT uses

icon of temperature controls
icon of bar graph chart
Remote sensor monitoring
icon of energy waves
Energy management
icon of pump
BAS data pump

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Scalability Redefined

One platform for any size system.

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Designed to Retrofit

Keep your fluorescent fixtures.

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Futureproof Your Space

Smart lighting now, building management next.

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iQ vs Wired Systems

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Old Buildings Love iQ

Get a completely non-invasive installation.

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Real Time Data Collection

Powerful data analytics dashboards.

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Make Changes Instantly

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Give Personal Control

Enable employee control of lights.

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Optimize Maintenance

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User Friendly. Really.

Toggled iQ software makes control intuitive.

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Peak Demand Managed

Get the best possible energy costs.

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